The Foxhunts are interactive treasure hunts that guide the foxhunters (you) through the city center of Amsterdam. You are given a mission by The Eagle to help and save the city. Not only do you wander around the city, discovering more and more of this beautiful capital, you also play the main character in your story.

Foxhunts take approximately 4,5 hours and will require the participant to walk about 4 to 5 kilometers in total. Foxhunts are done in groups of 4-7 people. The games are immersive and engaging. They require proper English skills and an active attitude of mind. Should you want to do a Foxhunt with a smaller group or do you have any special preferences that you wish us to take into account? We’re flexible. Feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

  • Is the Foxhunt also in Dutch (or another language)?

    At the moment, the Foxhunts are only in English. We aim to expand this in the future to more version of different languages. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

  • Are the Foxhunts wheelchair friendly?

    Currently, there are parts of the Foxhunt which are unfortunately not wheelchair friendly but we are working hard on developing wheelchair friendly hunts! Should the participant need a wheelchair but still want to join? Contact us for the possibilities.

  • For which ages are the Foxhunts recommended?

    Ideally, we recommend people of the age of 15+ to play the Foxhunts. Note that strong language can be used. Foxhunts are personalized and adjusted based on preferences and the information provided.

    Children younger than 15 are allowed to join but must be accompanied by an adult older than 18.

  • Are the Foxhunts not too difficult?

    The Foxhunts have been constructed carefully by creative experts. It is as difficult as your capabilities reach. Multiple dimensions combined with interactive gameplay resulting in your perfect Foxhunt. Never too difficult. But definitely not too easy.

  • What can I expect during the game?
    • A game master who always supervises the game and makes sure you’re safe and sound
    • Little giveaways here and there
    • About 5 hours of fun in Amsterdam
    • The right tools and equipment just like a Foxhunter needs
    • Minigames, sidequests and missions

    The treasure hunt starts near Central Station and guides you through the Amsterdam city center to somewhere in the center.

  • Are the Foxhunts really awesome?

    How about you come to check for yourself?

The Foxhunt
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Bart Schouten
Bart Schouten
What a totally mind blowing, special and excenteic activity. Hilarious how amature we got within our team of adults concerning logical thinking, cooperation, commin sence, logica, etc. Briliant how the designers of this ‘real life’ inter active game succeed in ttiggwring al sorts of emotion, friction, frustration, and also (fortunately) creativity, improvisation, investigating skills etc. Real fun, Was absolutely awesome to be part of the pilot sessions. I loved the characters, figuring out all sorts of hidden clews, stressing to indeed rethink our actions, order and teamspirit,...may the woods be with you
Bertjan Witting
Bertjan Witting
A fun game and a good way to exolore the city!
Jasper Klasen
Jasper Klasen
The Foxhunt might be the most interesting analog game I ever experienced. The combination of ethical dilemmas reflecting our current societal challenges, solving a well riddled story and spending a great day seeying different beautiful parts of Amsterdam, offers a great mix for an adventure. The Foxhunt story plot goes into the depths of your own world view and ethics. I would highly recommend the Foxhunt to people who like adventures and who are smart at solving puzzles.
Angela Faucon
Angela Faucon
Absolutely loved it! even though it was raining it was fun to follow the path of the fox. Amazing game to play to get to know some hiddeb spots in amsterdam. The game relaly has an eye for details and you can fully immerse into the history of the woods.
Katharina Ste
Katharina Ste
An amazingly created opportunity to experience an extraordinary day in the city of Amsterdam. On a mission with detailed and thoughtfully invented clues and cases � unique and special for locals and foreigners. Thank you for this wonderful and exciting day !
Natasha Shroff
Natasha Shroff
Amazing content!!! Beautiful letters and so much effort that is put into the game. Perfect for friends to explore the hidden secret spots in Amsterdam! Recommend 10/10
Omar Mahmoud
Omar Mahmoud
Awesome interactive way to explore Amsterdam, I really had fun!
Francesca Gobbi
Francesca Gobbi
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