The Eagle's Schedule

As you most likely noticed, the schedule is currently blank. This is because The Foxhunt team is doing some developing on the Foxhunt at the moment. Crafting the perfect Foxhunt experience for you. We expect that at the beginning of June we’ll be done developing and be able to schedule some awesome Foxhunts again. Until then, stay tuned.

The Eagle would be pleased to have you on board, Foxhunter. So much, that he decided to pay 40% of your price. That’s right. 40% discount. Tickets now cost as low as only 25 EUR per person. This discount is valid until the 3rd of August. The Woods awaits…

Your discount code is THEEAGLEPAID

Please note that after payment you will be asked to submit photos and details of the participants. Please have these ready before you book your Foxhunt. The details and photos will solely be used for the optimization and the personalization of your experience. Photos are deleted after your game.

The Foxhunt is entirely in English. Proper proficiency in English is highly recommended for playing the game.

A Foxhunt takes about 4,5 hours and ends at an unknown location in the city center of Amsterdam. You’ll need to be present 15 minutes in advance. Please take this into consideration before planning a Foxhunt.


At the moment we only do Foxhunts on Sundays with the exception of a few Sundays. We expect to change this in the (near) future to more days.