Once upon a time...

in the lands of the Woods, the different member groups lived in peace and harmony. They lived graciously and vivaciously in the intertwined communities within the Woods, or as many would call it, Amsterdam.

The community of the Woods is diverse, vibrant and passionate. Their devoted dedication and spirited commitment towards the Woods fuels the fascinating and exuberant atmosphere that lives within the Woods.

Among the members of the Woods you'll find the Bears, Wolves, Deer and so forth... Although each and every member is connected to the overall Woods community, members fall within certain groups based on characteristic and social traits. Each group distinct.

This phenomenon, the peace, harmony and happiness, however, is not entirely the consequence of the current ambiance that exists in this place. A long time ago, the Woods has seen darker times. Times of misery and catastrophe. Times of despair and fear. Times of difference and division.

These times could not be easily explained. It seemed as if the darkness happened to be in the nature of one another. In the nature of the members of the Woods. We didn't blame you, for you weren't there. We were desperate ourselves. We called this dark period The Great Unrest.

The Great Unrest consumed The Woods in front of our eyes. There was theft, violence and disorder. Member groups operated very isolated from eachother. It was tearing the Woods apart as we were watching it. It couldn't continue like this. It had to be stopped.

And so the elders of the Woods organized a festival that would unite the communities and restore order. The festival was aimed to make the Woods one big community. And that worked with success. Everybody enjoyed the festival and the Woods seemed to have turned into the harmonious atmosphere.

It was not only the speech from the Eagle and the beautiful festival that connected the ties of the member groups again, there was something else. A gift was passed on to the members of the Woods. A legendary artefact that held the power of the hopes and dreams of all members present during the day of the festival.

And you thought all was well, and that this would be the happily ever after. But something happened not long ago, something bad. The Eagle asked about you. He needs a team of world's best Foxhunters. He needs you and your squad.

The Woods needs you.

We've talked enough

Let's save a city